Make a Payment

To complete an online payment enter the requested information into the fields below. An illustration of a billing notice is included below to quickly show you where to find the required information on your notice.

Once you’ve successfully made a payment, you will receive a receipt and the payment will be applied to your account by the end of the next business day.

The payment is a one-time payment. If there is any outstanding balance owing on your account, it will be the responsibility as per your policy agreement to make the remaining payment(s) on time.

Where to find your policy information

Your policy number and amount due can be found on your billing notice that you would have received in the mail. If you don’t have a recent statement, contact your Broker or our Accounts Department for your account details.

Find the policyholder's name at the top left of the billing notice. Policy number is displayed near the top right. The broker's name is found near the bottom along the left side while the amount due is located near the bottom along the right side.

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