Our Story

Trust. We Build It Over Time.

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Locally minded

We’re not just closely tied to the communities we serve. We’re a part of them. We’re your friends and neighbours. As such, we know that your home and your business aren’t just buildings. They’re a collection of your prized possessions, cherished memories, and hard-earned achievements. That’s why we offer a wide range of home, business, and farm products tailored to your life so you can go about the business of living it with peace of mind.

Although we’re a national company, we believe insurance is a local matter, which is why we sell our products exclusively through over 600 professional insurance brokerages across Canada. We truly feel that a local broker’s professional guidance is your best resource when shopping for insurance and we’re committed to safeguarding this resource, so you continue to have the best options at your disposal.

Financially sound

All insurance companies in Canada are regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). They ensure that companies maintain certain performance standards. We’re well above the Canadian P&C required rating as dictated by OSFI and we’re even well above the industry average. As a national company, we have the added protection of achieving a great spread of the risks we insure, which further helps to maintain financial stability even in heavy loss years.

What this means for you…

…is that if disaster strikes, you can rest assured that we have the resources to keep you covered and you can expect fast and fair claims service to help you put that special place back together. This is something you’d expect from a company that’s been doing this since 1884.

Mutually inclusive

Being mutual means we exist solely to meet the needs of our policy holders, not shareholders, which makes us uniquely focused on our customers. We focus on a long term view of our customers and their needs, not on the quarterly bottom line.

In keeping with a mutual frame of mind, our employees care about what is happening in the communities in which they operate and we regularly see multiple staff volunteer commitments in support of various charities across Canada. On top of that, we provide annual donations to over 150 organizations across the nation, many in cooperation with our broker partners who have a pulse on the needs of their respective communities.

We’re your friends and neighbours and we’re all in this together. That’s what being mutual is all about.