Careers and Culture

Our Culture

We are a company built on trust and we have been building it since 1884.

We are closely tied to the communities we serve across Canada. We live in them, we work in them, and we seek to continue our relationships within them.

We are a caring company that puts people first…but what does this really mean?

At Portage Mutual Insurance, it means:

  • A commitment to inclusivity where all employees are appreciated and valued.
  • A culture where we face challenges together and support each other.
  • A collaborative environment where employees can work remote, in-office, or both.
  • A common purpose where employees stay working for us for decades, not just years.

Our Benefits

We take pride in offering each of our employees a variety of company benefits that are competitive in today’s market, as well as our commitment to continual improvement in providing you with an opportunity to enjoy a challenging and rewarding work environment.

Benefits Include:

  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • Health, Dental, and Group Life Insurance Coverage
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Company Pension Plan
  • Accumulation of Paid Personal Time Off in addition to Vacation Time

Want to join our team at Portage Mutual Insurance?

For current career opportunities at Portage Mutual Insurance, please view our Current Openings.

Resumes and cover letters can also be emailed to our HR Manager at:

Here is what our culture means to some of our team members:

“At Portage Mutual, I feel valued and trusted. The company recognizes my potential and provides opportunities for me to learn and grow, always respecting my professional goals and interests. I’m happy to work for such a supportive company and excited for what my future with Portage Mutual holds.”

~ Katie F., Manitoba Office

“I have been part of the Portage team for almost four years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I can honestly say I look forward to coming to work. Portage provides a great working environment and my colleagues are always willing to assist me to get things done. I appreciate the great teamwork & respect for each other. And I have always been encouraged to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role.”

~ Patrizio M., St. Catharines Office

“I have been with Portage Mutual for almost 6 years, and it has shown me the company’s commitment and support of diversity. It is a workplace where everyone is accepted for their uniqueness and individuality. A place where your voice is heard and respected.”

~ Malou C., Manitoba Office

“Portage Mutual supports a work-life balance – they appreciate and understand that employee lives are always changing and they need that support for overall well-being…”

~ Carter S., Edmonton Office

“For me, our culture means a cohesive company with one goal to the betterment of our policyholders, brokers, partners, and our employees. It’s been like this for me working at Portage because I am treated like my input is taken into consideration. I’m sorry I didn’t join Portage earlier. It has given me the ability to grow as a person, personally and professionally. We have met with wonderful people around the country, allowing us one goal for the betterment of Portage Mutual.”

~ Pino D., St. Catharines Office

“Portage Mutual is an amazing company and I am very happy to be employed by them. I personally feel valued and that my contributions to the company’s success are appreciated.”

~ Linda M., Bedford Office

“I have enjoyed all 18 years that I have been at Portage. I feel that they take care of me and my family with the stability they offer plus their benefits and retirement plan.”

~ Renee P., St. Catharines Office

“Portage Mutual is very family oriented, and a great place to work. There is a lot of room for education and growth within the company as well as the opportunity to attend various functions within the industry. Management is very supportive and encouraging.”

~ Jenn A., Manitoba Office