Facing the Storm with You

We’re not just closely tied to the communities we serve. We’re a part of them. That’s why we offer a wide range of residential, business, and farm protection tailored to your life so you can go about the business of living it with peace of mind.

Fun Fact

Unlike similar animals such as cattle, bison will deliberately walk into an oncoming storm to reduce the amount of time they’re exposed to the elements so they can get back to enjoying life. Smart moves, bison.

Trust. We Build It Over Time.

Being mutual means we exist solely to meet the needs of our policy holders, not shareholders, which makes us uniquely focused on our customers. We focus on a long term view of their needs, not on the quarterly bottom line.

Need Help Making a Claim?

If you have suffered loss or damage, please contact your broker.
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Community Responsibility

In keeping with a mutual frame of mind, our employees care about what is happening in the communities in which they operate and we regularly see multiple staff volunteer commitments in support of various charities across Canada. On top of that, we provide annual donations to over 150 organizations across the nation, many in cooperation with our broker partners who have a pulse on the needs of their respective communities.

When the storm hits, we’ll face it together. That’s Trust.