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T he 100-year history of the Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company can be told as a result of the efforts of several people including Les Green, who, as much as anyone, made this story possible. Appointed "company historian", Les spent many hours gleaning hundreds of bits of information from company records.

The names and dates which catalogue the history are either drawn from company archives or the memories of current and former employees and members of the board. Regretfully, there may be names and dates omitted.

Other dates and historic milestones are intermingled in the history, as reminders or "signposts" of what was happening on Western Canadian farms. The company's early development, in fact, closely parallels the growth of farming and the farm community. As the number of farmers and their equity and risk rose, the company developed new and broader policies for the farmer. In later years, the company expanded into other areas. But its heart is still back on the farm.

The history also gives special attention to some of those who have been instrumental in the growth and development of the Portage Mutual. Naturally, there are many others, who unfortunately, remain unsung, and whose efforts have greatly enriched the company.

Lastly, in perusing this story, it will be apparent the company has gone through good and bad times. The full details of the worst hours are not chronicled. They will remain in company archives. But suffice to say, The Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company has survived these tests.

Part of the reason for putting its history on paper is to serve as a statement and reminder of what has been accomplished in the past 100 years. That way, it can continue with the next century of business.

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Please note: The information provided within this page was originally published in 1984. Any "current", "new", "present" or other such references within this information were correct in 1984 but are not necessarily so now.
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